Getting Started with Quillionz: A Quick Guide

Whether you are a teacher, a trainer, a subject-matter expert, or an instructional designer, the idea of a free, ‘AI-powered’ quiz-maker evokes a mixed response. It is very enticing, of course—just think about all the time, effort, and hassle it will save!  It will take some weight off your shoulders and will free you up to focus on more creative aspects of your work. At the same time, you are skeptical about how well it will actually work; worried that it will disrupt your work patterns; and wary of the costs lurking behind the promise of ‘completely free’.

In this article, our goal is to lay out the concept of Quillionz, explain how it works, and help you visualize how it can fit in with your work patterns. As you will see in the following paragraphs, it is super simple to adopt and hardly requires you to change your habits. And yes, it really is completely free.

What is Quillionz?

Quillionz is an AI-driven question generator. Quillionz harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to create the right questions from your teaching material, within seconds.

Why Quillionz?

The Quillionz team has years of experience in education and eLearning. We understand that asking the right questions is central to a quality learning experience. Quillionz lets you create more questions, build more quizzes—faster and more efficiently. With Quillionz you can unlock the true potential of questions to create complex and engaging learning experiences.

How do I use Quillionz?

This is how Quillionz works, in four simple steps:

  1. Submit content
    To get started, simply copy the content on which you want questions, and paste it in Quillionz. Your content could be anything in text format—a chapter, an article, a website page, or even the transcript of a video. All we ask is that it contain at least 300 words. This is because, the Quillionz AI engine relies on natural language processing (NLP) algorithms. The longer a text is, the easier it is for the NLP algorithms to understand it.
  2. Choose keywords
    Quillionz shortlists the important keywords for creating questions. All you need to do is tell Quillionz which of the suggested keywords are more important, and Quillionz will know where to focus its questions.
  3. Review content
    Quillionz identifies the parts of your content which need to be tweaked and edited so that the AI algorithms can smoothly process everything. Just follow the Quillionz’s recommendations, and your content will be ready for the Quillionz AI engine, in no time.
  4. Get questions
    Once your content is ready, Quillionz will create a set of quality questions in seconds. We know that AI cannot replace human expertise; and no one knows your content as well as you do. That’s why, Quillionz makes sure that you are completely in charge of tweaking and enhancing the questions as you see fit. You can delete a question, and even edit it on the spot. Once you’re happy with the question set, just export it, and use it as you please!

What sort of content can I use with Quillionz?

Quillionz works best with content that is structured and factual, and doesn’t follow too complex a writing style. Most instructional and educational content, therefore, is ideal for Quillionz. If your content is very subjective or expressive—a blog post, for example; if it includes long and convoluted sentences—such as a legal text; or if it is highly specialized to a domain and contains specific jargon—for instance a medical research article, Quillionz may not be the best option for you.

What about the ownership rights of my content?

With Quillionz, there are no data sensitivity or security concerns. Your content is entirely yours. What we create, we create for you, and share with you. We do not use or monetize your original text input content nor the Quillionz-created questions.

Is Quillionz really free? What’s the catch?

Rest assured, when we say Quillionz is completely free, we mean it. There are no hidden costs. Use Quillionz as much as you want, as creatively as you want. In fact, we can’t wait to see all the innovative applications of Quillionz you come up with!

Why? Because the more you use Quillionz, the more our AI engine learns. With every quiz created using Quillionz, the Quillionz ML algorithms improve. With every question that you select or delete, Quillionz gets better at picking the right questions for you. So really, that’s our catch!

Quillionz is here to help you create quizzes more efficiently. We are excited to see you make this unique AI-powered platform your own, and transform the way you design tests and assessments. Join thousands of teachers, trainers, and instructional designers in experiencing the next innovation in EdTech.

Click here to get started with Quillionz now!

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