5 Must-Have Additions for Your Ed-Tech Toolkit for 2020

5 Must-Have Additions for Your Ed-Tech Toolkit for 2020

2020 is here. Technology knows no bounds. Ed-tech, specifically, is soaring. There are many tools around to ease educators’ lives – some are new yet disruptive while some have been around for years and still going strong. Out of the thousands of ed-tech tools available, I am going to pick up my favorite 5. Add them to your teaching arsenal this year to make an impressive toolkit and you might just be thanking me soon. Have a look.

  • InsertLearning

InsertLearning is a tool that allows teachers to insert instructional content on any web page. With this tool, educators can turn a web page into an interactive lesson. They can highlight text; add questions, comments, and videos; and even test students. It works as a browser extension on Chrome. There are free and paid versions of the tool available. Teachers can pick and choose based on the number of lessons they want to turn into an interactive experience.

Sign up for InsertLearning here. 

  • Quillionz

Quillionz - Question generatorWith AI poised as the next big thing in education, you cannot afford to ignore it. The same goes for questions, they are imperative to education. What if you get a tool that generates questions from your learning content, in a matter of seconds, using AI. That’s exactly what Quillionz does. Quillionz is the world’s first AI-powered question-generator that works with any textual content – a chapter in the textbook, an article off the internet, or even a video transcript. Quillionz offers a free as well as paid version for use.

Sign up for Quillionz here.

  • Prezi

Prezi is a web-based tool for creating presentations. It comes with highly visual presentation capabilities, which help engage students during lessons. With designer templates, reusable presentations, and a PowerPoint-to-Prezi converter, there’s no need to start from scratch. You could find the presentation that you like and repurpose it with your own content. Prezi offers a free trial for 14 days and post that, you could choose between multiple subscription plans.

Sign up for Prezi here.

  • Raptivity 2020

Raptivity 2020

As the world’s first tool for building visually stimulating learning interactions, Raptivity 2020 brings in some unique, vibrant, and sleek interactions to present your learning content. Vertical and horizontal parallax, 3D image, layered display, panning slides, and happy meter are some templates included in this powerful tool. All templates are specifically suited to modern-day design and learning styles. These interactions are truly responsive, xAPI compliant, and suitable to build engaging micro-learning experiences.

You could start a fully-functional trial of Raptivity 2020 and choose to pay up later.

  • Wizer

Wizer is a tool that lets you create and share interactive worksheets with your students online. Add video, audio, images and a variety of question types your worksheets and assign them to students via Google Classroom or any learning management system. You could also save time with automatic checking & grading. Wizer is free for teachers. It does offer premium digital curriculum services to schools and districts.

Sign up for Wizer here

Have you used any of the above tools? How was your experience? Also, let me know if you any recommendations for ed-tech tools that your peers can explore this year. Comment below. 

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