5 Free EdTech Tools Every Teacher Should Know and Use

Free Edtech Tools

Today’s classroom is no stranger to technology. Teachers have a myriad of educational apps, tools and resources at their fingertips. Here we have handpicked some of the best EdTech tools that you can use to transform your classroom—enjoy!

Free Edtech Tools

Long gone are the days when sneaking a peek at your phone screen was a thrilling adventure that could get you in trouble, and your phone, banished. In today’s classrooms, not just students, but—increasingly—teachers are looking toward technology as a valuable ally. And rightly so! With a gamut of amazing—and free—EdTech tools at their disposal, teachers can transform their lesson plans into engaging, collaborative, challenging learning experiences. Of course, with literally hundreds of tools available in the market, the challenge is in figuring out the best ones for your use. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! We have scoured the ends of the internet, and handpicked the best free EdTech tools for teachers. Read on to find out who’s on our list!


Liven up your classroom

Be it a lesson on irregular French verbs, the cell structure of plants, or the fall of the Roman Empire, Kahoot will transform your classroom into an exciting, competitive game show. Kahoot is where gamification meets collaboration. Taking your regular old multiple-choice questions, Kahoot lets you create a game-show like experience with all the bells and whistles—a buzzer, a countdown timer, fun sounds effects, and engaging colourful graphics. And the best part? Your whole class can get involved at the same time and play together with their smartphones. As most apps these days, Kahoot comes has a premium version with some extra frills, but the free version gives you everything you need to make your classroom fun.


Design engaging teaching material

Prezi has been around for a while, but it is still one of the best tools available in the market for creating dynamic, flowing presentations. It is a great way for teachers to organize ideas in a visual format. You could use Prezi to create detailed mind-maps, to explain the relationship between multiple concepts or historical events, or even just to make a simple presentation look really beautiful! Prezi, too, has both free and premium versions, with the premium versions offering benefits like offline access, some fancy presenter controls, and even analytics. But if all you need is to create engaging presentations for your classroom, the free version should do the job.


Take the learning outside the classroom

If you’re looking for a one-stop solution that lets you manage and organize your class outside the classroom, your search would probably end with Edmodo. A free learning management tool with a Facebook-like interface, Edmodo is a versatile resource in a teacher’s repertoire. Edmodo facilitates your communication with your students when not in class. From creating and tracking assignments, to sharing educational resources, starting online discussions, and posting class announcements, Edmodo lets you do it all. What’s more, Edmodo gives you the opportunity to connect with teachers around the world, to collaborate with them share your experiences, and improve as a teacher.


Communicate effectively with students and parents

While the most important part of a teacher’s job is, well, teaching, regular communications with students and their parents is an inevitable—and often a time-consuming—aspect of the job. Remind lets you, as the name suggests, send reminders and notifications to students and families without having to share personal contact details. With options to share group as well as individual messages, Remind takes care of most of your communication outside the classroom.


Leverage questions to engage students

As teachers, we rely on questions every day. Whether it is for a homework assignment, a pop-quiz, or to create a game on Kahoot, we always have a need for questions. Quillionz is a unique online platform that understands this need, and provides an easy way to create questions. Using artificial intelligence, Quillionz helps you create questions on your teaching content, quickly and efficiently. It works with any textual content—a chapter in the textbook, an article off the internet, or even a video transcript—and automatically creates factual questions on it in a matter of seconds. Aquestion generator tool that works best with informative and factual content—as most educational content tends to be—Quillionz is a valuable tool for teachers to add to their arsenal.

That’s our list! Do you agree? What EdTech tools do you normally rely on to make your job easier? Let us know in the comments!

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